What it’s like to work with Accelerate-IT’s Integrated Marketing Services

One question we’re often asked is what Accelerate-IT’s internal, agency styled marketing module, entitled Integrated Marketing Services (or just IMS for short), can do for our clients. At IMS, we specialize in what’s known as inbound marketing. Unlike traditional marketing techniques which focus on getting your message to the audience, inbound marketing focuses on bringing your audience to you with organic, content-driven campaigns that engage prospective customers and drive them to your site. Because the content being published contains information relevant to your audience, it establishes your brand identity as well as a relationship based around value.

The content that IMS creates, whether it’s a weekly blog or a longer piece like a white paper, often becomes the driving force behind site visits for our clients. iSIGHT Partners, a cyber intelligence company even found that their “Decision Advantage” white-paper, created and published by us, quickly became the most downloaded item on their site. We work with clients to create content that they can be proud of, and more importantly that will generate actual business opportunities.

In addition to content creation and publishing, IMS serves as a one stop shop for our clients looking to rebrand or extend their thought leadership. Our skilled graphic designers, copywriters and marketing experts excel in creating advertisements, websites, landing pages and anything else you may need to create more and better qualified leads and keep your pipeline full. It’s not just inbound techniques either. At IMS, we have extensive expertise in traditional outbound methods such as pay-per-click advertisements and email marketing campaigns.

Many clients are concerned about their marketing spend because, in the past, it’s been difficult to tie leads to the marketing methods that created them. Fortunately, as a Hubspot Silver Partner, IMS is practiced at utilizing Hubspot to ensure that your precious marketing dollars are well spent. Through Hubspot, we can track every lead back to the marketing campaign that created it, meaning that you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll retarget as we learn what works best for your particular audience, honing your strategy and creating a marketing plan that’s right for you.

So that’s about it: diligent content creation, full-service inbound and outbound skills and marketing automation, monitoring and retargeting make IMS an excellent choice for IT companies looking to outsource their marketing efforts. If you’d like to find out what IMS can do for you, contact us at 866.611.4652 or email to begin accelerating your marketing today.


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