What’s the Purpose of Business Blogging?


We’ve spoken in the past about the importance of business blogging. We’ve discussed the fact that companies that blog have 55% more website visitors. We’ve even released an eBook that acts as a step-by-step guide to business blogging. However, today we’re going to talk about something a little different: The purpose of business blogging. If you said, “to increase conversion rates” or, “enhance profitability,” you’re wrong.

The goal of your business blogging should be to engage your potential customers and provide the information that they’re looking for at what’s known as the “zero moment of truth.” The zero moment of truth (ZOMT), a term coined by Google and based off of previous theories developed by Proctor and Gamble, is the first stage of customer engagement and the moment of initial interest. The core concept being that with the abundance of information available today, customers are making up their minds long before the buying process begins.


It’s the ZOMT that drives us to blog.

Potential customers are out there, that’s not being disputed. And we know that they are constantly searching for answers, researching products and finding ways to solve their problems online. Reaching out to them at this moment and providing helpful information can go a long way in establishing a lasting relationship with these potential clients.

So if a successfully answered question is a ZOMT success, what would be considered a ZOMT failure? One example is to provide a cookie cutter advertisement instead of helpful information. If a customer is trying to find out how your product works and you answer with an advertisement for that product, you have failed.

In that moment the opportunity presented itself to genuinely help a potential customer and instead you chose to ignore any actual needs they may have had. It’s the difference between simply being there when your customers search, and being there with pertinent information. It’s the difference between a conversation and just another ad.

Just remember, business blogging increases web visits, leads and eventual conversion, but it also should help someone searching for more information about your product.

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