What is it like to work with Accelerate-IT Financial Ops?

Accelerate-IT has been helping companies in the IT industry scale for years now, and one of the most important functions that we perform is helping younger companies understand and manage their financial operations.

Managing the financial side of a business, particularly one that is in the midst of rapid growth, is no easy task. Often at the beginnings of an enterprise, much of the careful planning and diligence afforded by entrepreneurs tends to fall towards the operations side of the business. While this is a necessity to create a lasting product and dynamic relationships, it can often lead to important business facets, such as financial operations, falling by the wayside. It is, however, essential that companies preparing for growth run a capital-efficient operation, not only for their own operations but in order to raise further capital from investors.

As a full-service consulting firm, Accelerate-IT provides young, maturing companies with solid financial and reporting systems to help them manage the growth of the business. By installing and implementing an efficient and manageable accounting system, we provide the means to maintain an adequate set of records, particularly with regards to raising capital from investors or achieving liquidity through an acquisition.

We’ll set up your employee record-keeping system, train your office manager and/or bookkeeper on the performance of daily operational duties, provide strategic business planning advice to management and handle the production of financial statements, budgets and financial analyses.

Most importantly though, our training and coaching will help your business improve the core skills of your administrative team and will afford your company the ability to scale manageably. By understanding and controlling your finances, you’ll be able to develop a strong relationship with your shareholders, insurance brokers and vendors, and enhance your staff retention with improved benefits. Often startups can’t afford and don’t need a CFO, part-time controller or an advisor at earlier stages, and Accelerate-It can offer seasoned, capable officers with years of financial experience. We help companies fill the gaps in their own administrative infrastructure, and then provide the training to manage once we’ve fulfilled our function.

In a period when scale means absolutely everything, Accelerate-IT can mean the difference between a company with an achievable liquidation trajectory and one that simply can’t handle its own weight. We’ll provide your company with the tools and training needed to manage your financial operations competently, effectively and without wasting finite resources.


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