The Revolution will not be Centralized

Did you realize that many major corporations are beginning to rely on increased outsourcing for everything from manufacturing to marketing? In an increasingly complex business environment, these nimble Protean Corporations often experience greater flexibility than their more rigid, traditional counterparts.

Our latest white paper, “The Revolution will not be Centralized” describes the concept behind the modern Protean Corporation and why these smaller, more agile companies are well-suited for enterprises looking to enhance their survivability in the modern age of business.

This whitepaper covers:

  • What the Protean Corporation is and how it’s structured

  • Why these types of companies have begun to thrive over traditional ones

  • How increased outsourcing can provide benefits to modern corporations

For companies looking to take advantage of this trend, Accelerate-IT’s Integrated Marketing Services (IMS) can provide the power and reach of an in-house marketing firm with the flexibility and experience of an agency. Contact us at 866.611.4652


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