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Good hiring decisions mean the difference between a successful company and an unsuccessful one. This is particularly true in technology startups. When it comes time to hire key players for crucial roles, you want to partner with someone who understands what it takes to be successful in a venture-backed startup. A team that possesses a powerful network, built on extensive experience to reach the best candidates available, becomes invaluable during this phase. The Accelerate-IT search team consists of technology executives and staffing experts optimized to do just that: get world-class results immediately.

Our technology executives and entrepreneurs have a deep understanding of how venture-backed startups work and how to appropriately staff leadership positions and our extensive network of fellow-operators can produce world- class candidates for all functional executive and director-level positions. Our process is designed to compress the time required to search without sacrificing results.

Accelerate-IT often outperforms the more established firms based on agility, flexibility & a much deeper understanding of the IT industry.


    1. To best identify your needs, a business gap analysis is created by people who have built businesses similar to yours.

    2. From this gap analysis, we create a model candidate profile.

    3. We then vet the opportunity profile against several candidates to test the authenticity of the candidate profile and overall opportunity.

    4. We use our unique network to present the best candidates for the position, with a focus on quality over quantity.


    • Your capital is used efficiently since Accelerate-IT doesn’t carry the burden of unnecessary overhead.

    • Fewer searches mean focused effort to shorten the time to fill the position.

    • More highly qualified candidates translate to less time spent on your part.

    • Our unique network allows us to get you to payday faster than the usual firms.

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