Product Commercialization

Commercialize Your Product

Accelerate your path to commercialization.

Innovation drives entrepreneurs, corporations, and entire economies and how companies commercialize innovations is some of the most treasured knowledge in business. Successful firms succeed by formalizing the paths to markets in detailed commercialization plans. With an ongoing cycle of research and evaluation in the Accelerate-IT Product Commercialization module, we can ensure that our team members provide up-to-date guidance on the critical elements that make these plans work.


    We listen and explore your situations to help you determine what you need to develop new technologies and launch new products. Commercialize your product efficiently by identifying markets, assessing user needs and identifying new uses and users for new and existing products.

    • Our trademarked blueprints of the commercialization process support plans to organize and execute all necessary technical, business, and market tasks from early stage technology definition to full-scale product deployment.


    Developing a new technology is one thing; finding its marketable product application is another. We help innovators think about how it gets from their bench into the customers’ hands.

    • In this unceasingly innovative world, emerging markets are often crowded and usually highly competitive. Sound planning helps you identify, target, and sell to customers in them.

    • As planning consultants, we have mapped the paths to commercialization for hundreds of projects, for large and small clients alike.

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