Integrated Marketing Services

Marketing Specifically Designed Around the IT Industry

Many companies in the IT sector have a difficult time finding an inbound marketing agency that understands them, their industry and their customers. At IMS we have the knowledge, experience and resources to represent information technology companies in a way that goes beyond brand building and focuses on marketing for the bottom line. After all, what good is a marketing strategy if it doesn’t increase leads and generate revenue?

At IMS, we have experience with both B2B and B2C companies and insight into the trends and tribulations of IT marketing. With a thorough understanding of inbound marketing principles and value creation, IMS provides technology companies with a skilled team of writers, designers, social media experts and marketing gurus that understand and have experience in the IT industry. Whether you’re looking to supplement your in-house marketing team, or starting from scratch, we’re here to help.

  • IMS + HubSpot = Marketing Results.

    As a HubSpot Silver Partner, we are skilled in the ins and outs of the platform. From the initial account setup, to achieving your goals and generating a marketing ROI, we’ll make sure you get the most out of HubSpot.

    Initial implementation of HubSpot includes:

    • Installing tracking codes, setting up sub-domains & creating users.

    • Importing contact database.

    • Setting up keyword tool and performing initial keyword analysis.

    • Building and customizing your blog.

    • Adding competitors and performing initial competitive analysis.

    • Installing benchmarks app and setting benchmarks.

    • Linking social media accounts and setting up all social media tools.

    • Creating and implementing enhanced Calls-to-Action.

    • Building smart landing pages.

    • Developing initial workflows.

  • Web Design

    At IMS, we build websites that are functional, beautiful and, most importantly, designed around lead conversion. Incorporating current best practices and stylistic trends.

    Your website will form the hub of your marketing “hub and spoke” model, and the point where the bulk of your lead conversion will take place. We’ll monitor the site’s performance post-launch, set you up with a content management system and make sure that it’s specifically optimized for inbound practices.

    And once your site is fully designed and looking beautiful? We’ll help you fill it with engaging and relevant content.

  • Business Blog Writing

    Your customers want content and the company that offers it to them will have their attention. Simple as that. Studies have shown that content marketing simply delivers a higher return on investment than paid search and active blogging delivers more, higher quality leads to your site and help keep your “funnel” full.

    While many companies try to handle content creation themselves, many have neither the time nor the experience to properly maintain a blog. And it’s not enough to just keep writing, you need to make sure your blog is well-optimized, promoted and rich with content. At IMS our writers excel at creating a steady stream of interesting content that will excite current customers and support lead creation. Our experience with companies in the IT sector means that we understand the trends of the industry, and the content that will capture its attention.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    It’s not enough to get your message out, it’s got to get to the right audience. Pay-Per-Click is an effective way to target your customers and ensure that your advertising dollars are well spent. Many companies, however, waste PPC resources with an inadequate plan or insufficient keywords.

    At IMS, we analyze keywords to identify opportunities, create engaging ads, and develop PPC landing pages designed to maximize your advertising budget and reach your intended audiences.

    For companies that have already initiated a PPC campaign, we’ll research your current PPC strategy and explore your current campaign for areas of improvement.

  • Enhanced Calls-To-Action

    It’s amazing the difference that a well-crafted Call-to-action can have on lead generation. With a solid understanding of CTA best practices and a skilled team of writers and designers, our Calls-to-action strengthen your relationship with potential customers in a way that’s natural and engaging.

  • Social Media

    Use the power of social media to engage your customers, build your brand and keep conversion rates high. We’ll optimize your profiles, make them beautiful and schedule regular posts to keep your audience engaged and interested.

    As one of the spokes in the “hub and spoke” model, each social profile leads potential customers back to your website where they’ll continue their way into the “funnel” for further conversion.

  • Landing Pages

    Landing pages need to convey credibility and value while staying simple enough to understand in the blink of an eye. We can help design landing pages designed around lead conversion without turning off potential customers with unnecessary bells and whistles.

  • Email Marketing

    A well-crafted email marketing campaign, with concise copy and clear calls to action, can play a huge role in lead generation. Not only a primary step in a customer’s path to conversion, an engaging email campaign can also rekindle old customers and engage those stalled in the “funnel”. With extensive experience in the IT industry and a thorough understanding of email marketing best practices, IMS understands your audience and can help you build beautiful, effective email templates.

  • Video Production

    Could your inbound marketing strategy benefit from YouTube clips, podcasts or other video work? We can help you decide whether to implement a video strategy and exactly what you’ll need to grab potential customer’s attention.

    We can take your ideas, fully-form them and turn them into beautifully shot and edited pieces that embody the spirit and energy of your brand. Need help conceptualizing? We’ve got you covered. Have a specific idea? We’ll help make sure it stays true to the vision while keeping lead conversion as the primary goal.

    Once we’ve created a beautifully designed video for you, we’ll make sure it’s optimized and promoted to have the maximum impact. Then we’ll track the views, viewer demographics and leads generated to make sure you’re armed with powerful analytics and actionable information.

  • Datasheet Download

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