Independent Board Directorships

Our skills are Your skills

Our independent board members are dedicated to your company for more than just board meetings.

Collectively, your board should possess a blend of abilities tailored to the company’s current business needs and future goals. Accelerate-IT has placed our top executives into startups at key times, lending ideal board members who are pragmatic, strategic, tough-minded and able to offer critical review, all while supplying direct guidance and feedback. We speak our minds with a sense of partnership, believing in working toward a common goal. Accelerate-IT is made up of proven operators with a reputation and track record of excellence. Leverage our experience and expertise to overcome the many obstacles your startup will face.

At Accelerate-IT, we understand the critical issues of finance, compliance, audits, and strategy, as well as other dynamics that can affect board performance.


    • The Accelerate-IT mindset has always been to question rather than accept.

    • We have the courage to ask difficult questions in a constructive way, with your startup’s best interest as the ultimate goal.

    • We’re interested in making a meaningful contribution, bringing true value in-between the board meetings.


    • Our proven strategies offer a distinct advantage from formation to execution.

    • We have the capacity to dedicate significant time to your company- not just for scheduled meetings, but also on an ad-hoc basis when time-sensitive challenges arise.

    • We hold the obligation to build and protect long-term shareholder value and to ensure the sustainability of your company.

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