The World Awaits

Our extensive experience and exhaustive understanding of globalization means your company has a distinct advantage on the global stage.

Whether you are a newcomer to the global market or your business has had an overseas presence for many years, there are always areas for improvement in how you manage your globalization. At Accelerate-IT, we analyze your project specifications and develop a customized proposal, taking into account your target markets’ expectations as well as the resources you wish to employ. Accelerate-IT can help you determine project scope, beneficial technology solutions and potential road blocks that could delay execution. We act as your consultant in a variety of areas that will ensure the success of your brand as you continue to extend your global reach.


    Because we specialize in technology markets, many of our clients operate in highly regulated industries where achieving and maintaining compliance requirements are essential to their growth and success. Use Accelerate-IT to avoid expensive delays and make sure your leap to the global stage goes smoothly.


    You never get a second chance at first impressions. There are far too many examples of product launches gone awry because the product name was not properly researched in the target country. Accelerate-IT will evaluate your name, supporting materials and services within a target market to identify any potential cultural barriers that may hinder your success.


    Cultural relevancy consulting is one of the most important components of globalization and a specialty of ours at Accelerate-IT. We work with teams of multicultural experts who not only have experience in specific industries but also live in the target cultures.

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