Financial Operations

Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is

An experienced Financial Executive is a vital requirement for many early stage companies. Above and beyond the accounting basics, a seasoned financial thought leader can help you shape, and achieve, a vision for your business.

It’s a fact: 70% of small business fails within three years due to lack of a financial plan, and/or cash. Our Financial Operations team helps translate basic accounting information into Business Intelligence: We quickly identify and initiate action required to get the most out of your available funds but more importantly help understand how to optimize your business.


    We ask a lot of questions: early and often. We seek to understand your needs, the nature of your business, and customer, employee and investor expectations. We’ll look for and crystalize, shared vision, alignment and focused commitment towards the drivers of your business success; we’ll roll up our sleeves and examine asset protection, utilization and optimization; we’ll measure what matters, and we will illuminate opportunities for improvement.


    Our value proposition includes leading and delivering the following solutions:

    Business Planning

    To assist you in planning your business we will help build a one, three and five year vision and lead the development of strategic and operating plans to achieve your goals. We will also drive clear business priorities/imperatives for this Quarter and assist you in scalability planning, especially with relation to your Process, Technology and People.

    Asset Optimization and Risk Management

    We will leverage your assets for capital infusion, balance your full time, part-time and consultant resources efficiently and utilize formal Make/Buy tools to protect your core spend. Working with Accelerate-IT means that you’ll better understand how to maximize the relationship between fixed and variable costs.

    Relationship Development & Management

    We will construct a professional services team that includes the right bankers, attorneys, CPA’s and other members needed for your business. We will help you select the right suppliers and get the best deal from them and engage your investors and Board to help you achieve your goals.

    Decision Support

    If you need to illuminate the factors and build decision models for key your decisions, we can help. We will establish and administer your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) program to provide you with a Management Dashboard and ensure that your financial statements are current, accurate and complete at all times.

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