Business Strategy & Planning

Accelerate Your Business

Accelerate-IT can help define your organization’s assets and pain points, and keep you moving forward.

Accelerate-IT’s world-class team can help you with business planning at all levels. Whether it’s formulating your initial Business Plan, building an Execution Roadmap in the form of an AOP (Annual Operating Plan), architecting a breakout strategy, executing a pivot from a current/past modality, building a corporate development game plan or refining your strategic plan to determine where to take your company, we’ve got you covered. As seasoned startup executives we have conceived and implemented proven business strategies and bring that experience to every project we undertake.


    • Evaluate and refine your existing architecture including mission, vision and core values.

    • Provide a full landscape market analysis and competitive analysis for brand positioning.

    • Create an Execution Roadmap of operational initiatives, using our industry-proven and time-tested AOP model.


    Our business strategy and planning services analyze the overall structure of the business in order to identify concepts and options on how to effectively and quickly take advantage of opportunities among new vertical markets, sales channels and new product sets. We’ll assist you to successfully conceive, facilitate, negotiate and implement a viable strategy for licensor & key stakeholders.

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