Sector: Information Security

ThreatSTOP was founded to bring the benefits of dynamic threat source detection and blocking to enterprises and government agencies. Based on experience using the Internet Storm Center’s DShield project, and with encouragement from Marc Sachs and others, Tom Byrnes founded ThreatSTOP to make threat data actionable, automatically, in real time. ThreatSTOP’s patent-pending technique using DNS allows ThreatSTOP to be used on a wide variety of devices from different vendors.

Critical Business Needs:

Create more awareness and demand for the brand and the product without breaking the bank while scaling up the sales function with pull-thru content.

Accelerate-IT Service Modules:

Accelerate-IT Differentiation:

Accelerate-IT has a truly differentiated platform of unique services specifically designed for the enterprise market. We were able to bring in industry-proven experts who understand the exact customer market that ThreatSTOP is pivoting to.

Why Accelerate-IT Won:

Our holistic approach offered ThreatSTOP a single service provider who could bring the various skills and expertise that they were seeking across the required spectrum. We consistently demonstrated competency across their different needs and were able to develop good cultural compatibility.


ThreatSTOP was founded to make threat data actionable, automatically, in real time.




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