Sector: Email Security

Founded in 2003, Sendio is a feisty, venture-backed, privately held company whose products protect the email environments of enterprises and institutions from attacks and abuse, and dramatically increases employee productivity by reducing the amount of time required to manage an email inbox. Using self-managing communities similar to those found in social networking applications, Sendio users receive all of the email sent by customers, suppliers, partners, friends, associates and other members of their “community” while being completely shielded from both nonsense messages sent by casual abusers and devious messages from malicious criminal concerns.

Critical Business Needs

Revamp Company positioning and marketing plan to revitalize the brand and associated product offerings.

Accelerate-IT Service Modules

Accelerate-IT Differentiation

Disruptive Value Proposition = Accelerate-IT’s deep institutional knowledge of the information security landscape along with our strong track record of building and supporting great InfoSec companies put us in a unique class. That combined with our robust & comprehensive marketing solutions offering ultimately garnered us another new customer WIN.

Why Accelerate-IT Won

We successfully positioned the strength of our security sector domain expertise of the principals involved which demonstrated that we can execute well for them.


Sendio builds definitive email protection solutions for organizations of all sizes.




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