Liquid Grids

Sector: Social Media & Big Data

Liquid Grids is being used by companies across the healthcare spectrum, including biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, health insurance providers and healthcare product companies. Liquid Grids partners directly with brands or their marketing agencies to deliver the most effective contribution to their digital and social media marketing campaigns.

Critical Business Needs

Develop more credibility in the fundraising process and restructure the Board of Directors without “breaking glass.”

Accelerate-IT Service Modules

Accelerate-IT Differentiator

Disruptive Value Proposition = Accelerate-IT’s expertise across ALL ten of our Service Modules speaks volumes to our ability to convey competence and excellence.

Why Accelerate-IT Won

Our holistic approach offered Liquid Grids a single service provider who could bring the various skills and expertise that they were seeking across three different arenas. We consistently demonstrated competency across their different needs and were able to develop good cultural compatibility during the courtship which has also made this a mutually enjoyable project for all involved.


Healthcare’s Only All-In-One Inbound Marketing Platform


Liquid Grids


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