Inertia Technology

Sector: Vertical SaaS

Inertia Technology is developing a social benefit platform (to be launched under the name “ActOn”) to improve outreach and engagement between benefit organizations (schools, towns, churches, nonprofits) and the individuals (millennials, students) and companies (from local merchants to large brands) that support them.

Critical Business Needs

Support launch efforts and messaging and positioning of the three market constituents: Users, Advertisers and Investors.

Accelerate-IT Service Modules

Accelerate-IT Differentiation

Disruptive Value Proposition = Accelerate-IT’s comprehensive experience advising vertical SaaS companies was clear and compelling.

Why Accelerate-IT Won

Great execution with terrific teamwork resulted in a clear roadmap for additional synergies that can/will be exploited in follow-on engagements.


Inertia Technology is an early stage startup that provides a mobile platform for nonprofit organizations to improve outreach and engagement. The platform is currently in Beta and will launch in the Fall of 2013.


Inertia Technology


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