Marketing Through the Door

While Coca Cola’s packaging and advertising gets the majority of the company’s praise, the soda giant has actually solved a much larger problem, adding to the success of the brand on a global scale and the ubiquitousness of the name: they mastered distribution.

Coke can be found everywhere from the smallest Pacific Islands, to the Andean trail to Machu Picchu. However, instead of actually creating distribution channels to these locations, Coke was able to solve the problem of universal distribution without trucks or trains. Instead, Coke solved the problem through an enormous global marketing effort that created a desire for the soda all over the world. By marketing like crazy, and then lowering the prices enough that people could afford to transport the product themselves, Coke solved an issue that would have cost much more in infrastructure, transportation and security.

So what does this have to do with information technology? The product may be wholly different but the moral of the story works regardless. Marketing can be a powerful tool when expanding into a foreign country, as well as the decisive factor in a company’s success or failure in a new market.

That’s why our Integrated Marketing Services provides you a full service marketing effort that has experience bringing enterprises onto the global stage. By providing a proven, up-and-running operational team in Europe, we can create a marketing campaign designed around your target market, promote your enterprise and establish thought leadership while maintaining consistency with the rest of your strategy.


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