London Tech Scene Makes Its Case For Being Europe’s Technology Center

The startup ecosystem that began in Silicon Valley has certainly emerged in cities across the globe. One in specific that can no longer be ignored is London. With congested US markets and over 1,300 startups calling it home, London represents a fresh multinational opportunity and more importantly a stepping stone to global markets.

Concerted efforts are being taken by the British government to ensure that the UK continues on the path of becoming the technology center of Europe. Lead by Prime Minister David Cameron, members of parliament have been proactive advocates in support of their startup ecosystem through initiatives such as seed funding tax breaks and the formation of Tech City, a known technology clustered area of Central and East London established to attract startups and entrepreneurs which has also received investments from companies like Cisco, Facebook and Google.

By laying the groundwork, London has been primed for its recent explosive growth. According to Forbes, the work of organizations such as Tech City Investment Corporation and Technology Strategy Board are further stressing the logistical advantages specific to the UK and are helping to fund opportunities for startups.

Tech City CEO Joanna Shields explained in a CNBC interview “London is the perfect multi-cultural mix…the strongest market to lead and to look forward to other markets from here is definitely the way to go.” Because of the city, the people and the culture, the London tech scene is not only distancing itself from the pack but more importantly setting the stage for entrepreneurs to take things to the next level.



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