It’s all about the people…and the view.

Your environment can do many things. It can foster innovation, boost collaboration and engage employees. As a full-service business solutions firm, Accelerate-IT is more than a few walls and some office furniture, it’s a priceless view, a couple of beagles and a laid-back culture where “doing it all” is part of the daily grind.

Headquartered in beautiful La Jolla, California the ocean breeze and panoramic views of the La Jolla Cove make it absolutely impossible to dread coming to work.


With walls covered in idea paint and glass separating main areas from offices and conference rooms, the overall space screams collaboration. The couches, the hangout area, they not only facilitate working together but, the open feel and flow between working spaces act as a resource in itself.

“The walls, the glass, they’re all writable surfaces so connecting and innovating is everywhere” says Brian Nugent, Executive Chairman of Accelerate-IT. “By designing the office this way, we make sure to maintain our collaborative nature.”

Nugent goes on to explain “As we continue to help to scale startups, we have experienced a tremendous amount of growth in our own right. Additions to our headquarters are being completed and we are excited to be in a place that reflects who we are as a company.”

Now what about fun? We all know that all work and no play is just plain absurd. Employee outings, company events and a casual environment reinforce the mantra that it’s the people that matter.


“Whether it’s a spontaneous barbeque out back or a night out at a comedy show, it really is all about the people. The Accelerate-IT vision that started out as two dogs and a guy has evolved and it’s not because of the where we are, it’s because of who is here” said Nugent. “Everyone wants to be here and our clients can really see that.”

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