How Often Should You Blog?

Having talked about business blogging before, one question I’ve received is how often blogs should be published. Now it may sound a bit harsh, but you’re looking at the problem from the entirely wrong angle. When thinking about the frequency of your blogging, the question you really need answered is, “how often do I need to blog?” And the trick is in knowing a few basic marketing metrics.

You’ll need to start off by understanding how many website visits you usually get per lead, and how many visits you usually get per article written. Then all you need to do is decide how many leads you need per month and you’re all set. Need five leads a month? If you get 5 visits per blog and 20 visits result in a lead, you’ll need to blog about 20 times a month, or nearly every day. The fewer visits needed to convert, the fewer times you’ll need to blog. However, what you’ll find with blogging is that as you begin to create more content, the existing posts will support the new ones, maintaining usefulness with age.

A few more things to consider are the type of content being created and the schedule by which they’re posted. Blogging on a regular basis (e.g.: every Tuesday we release a new blog post) can generate anticipation and a loyal viewership, if the content is good enough. Content types can range from easy-to-read lists to longer narrative pieces about an upcoming product or service. Just remember, too many of one type can be a drain on your audience. To overcome this hurdle, many business bloggers develop an editorial calendar to help maintain a balance of content types.

Before you begin blogging you’ll want a steady backlog of content so that you can maintain your rigorous publishing schedule. As I’ve said before, you’ll be amazed how many previous pieces (like case studies, white papers and more) can be refitted to become blogs or multiple blogs. And repackaged internal communications are perfect ways to show the internal workings of your company. Just remember to scrub any proprietary information first.

Of course you can find more information on blogging in our latest eBook: “An Introduction to Business Blogging.” I know, blogging regularly can seem overwhelming at times, but you’ll find that once you get into a constant rhythm, the routine isn’t difficult to handle.

For businesses that prefer to pass the baton, Accelerate-IT’s Integrated Marketing Services continues to offer high-quality content creation services based around the metrics mentioned above. We can help you understand the frequency with which you’ll need to publish content, and then create and publish that content on your behalf. We also specialize in premium content, website copy, videos, social media, email content and much more. If you’d like to find out what IMS can do for you, contact us at 866.611.4652 or email to begin accelerating your marketing today.





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