How Accelerate-IT Helped Mogl Fight Hunger


Mogl wants to fight hunger with hunger.

The four year old San Diego company is working with restaurants all around the country to provide loyalty-based donations for local food banks. With endorsements from such renowned entrepreneurs as Peter Diamandis of XPrize fame and the ever philanthropic Richard Branson, Mogl looks like it just might make a difference in the fight against hunger in the United States.

But just a few years ago, the future of this magnanimous little startup wasn’t quite as certain.

Mogl, like many startups, initially had some fundraising issues that stood between them and the good they knew was possible. At an AIT event, Jon Carder described the role that Accelerate-IT played in Mogl’s early days. “A single introduction can change the course of your life,” he said, “the connections that Accelerate-IT brought to the table, in our case, did change the course of our company.”

For us, of course, working with Mogl was a no-brainer. The company helps restaurants reward loyalty in their customers either with cash directly back or with donations to local food banks. It’s a simply way for customers to be compensated for their support, and for companies to do some good in the world. Additionally, Mogl is a San Diego-based company and we happen to have a soft spot for our Covehouse in La Jolla (Seriously, have you seen that place?)

When asked about the other projects that AIT has helped with, Jon Carder explained that Mogl has benefited in other areas as well. “We’ve also worked with Accelerate-IT on some of our corporate docs and board planning materials we’ve used, but that introduction was golden, as they say.”


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