Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accelerate-IT?

A technology services firm that specializes in ‘Business Process Outsourcing for SG&A’. Think of us as a management consulting firm with a specialization in helping tech startups achieve scale, no matter what stage you are today. We partner with Entrepreneurs and their professional investors to help you optimize your trajectory and create the best path to liquidity.

Who is Accelerate-IT?

A group of experienced entrepreneurs and domain specialists that have fueled tremendous growth and shareholder returns for privately and publicly held information technology companies over the past 15-20 years.

Where can you find Accelerate-IT?

Working exclusively with technology companies all across North America. We have offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Diego. Our clients are generally concentrated in the known technology centers around the US and Canada.

Why choose Accelerate-IT?

Hiring & leveraging experienced permanent employees with relevant domain expertise is crucial. We can help you find top talent for the more strategic and longer-term needs of your business. For other ‘gaps’ in your current operation we can fill them with on-demand, world-class resources & solutions *when you need them* in a capital-efficient manner. Our unique breadth and depth provides a powerful alternative to piece-mealing niche vendors together or building out all SG&A functions on your own.

When do you need Accelerate-IT?

You should contact Accelerate-IT if you’ve ever been in the following situations:

  • Any time you are looking to dramatically enhance your market reach thru innovative go-to-market programs.
  • Any time you are looking for capital and/or looking for world-class talent to join your team.
  • Any time you want to create better operational scale, and/or turbo-charge your market reach and your customer acquisition velocity.

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