Don’t Forget to Optimize

I’ve been on a real business blogging kick haven’t I? I’ve talked about the purpose of blogging, the frequency with which you should post and how easy it is to generate content. But let’s kick it up a notch today and dive right into content optimization.

What is content optimization? Essentially, optimization is enhancing the process by which your audience will find your blog. It comes down to a few handy tips that can help increase organic search results and assist web-crawlers in finding and ranking your site. What’s more, your blog posts should also introduce offers that can directly impact your lead generation efforts. It’s a fairly simple concept — the more visitors you can attract to your blog, the more chances for conversion.

These tips basically fall into two categories, those that are helpful to human beings looking for the information you’re providing, and those that are helpful to the web-crawlers ranking your post.

For the humans, you want to make your site as interesting, fun and useful as you possibly can. Try adding colorful images, intriguing titles, clear and concise copy and add social media capabilities. This last element is extremely important because, if you’ve made the article interesting enough, each share or like can result in more and more website visits.

As for the web-crawlers, you want to help them understand the content that your blog delivers. This requires a little bit more skill however as you’ll need to know the keywords you plan on targeting (particularly those that lie in the sweet spot between popular and unowned.) Make sure each post makes mention of the particular keywords you’re trying to own and you’ll find that they will rank much higher in search results.

Optimization can be a little tricky, and it may take some work at first, but once you figure it out it will come as naturally as creating the content itself. Of course you can find more information on blogging in our latest eBook: “An Introduction to Business Blogging.” And for businesses looking to share the content weight, Accelerate-IT’s Integrated Marketing Services continues to offer high-quality content for your blog. We also specialize in premium content, website copy, videos, social media, email content and much more. If you’d like to find out what IMS can do for you, contact us at 866.611.4652 or email to begin accelerating your marketing today.





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