KalioCommerce is a full service SaaS offering designed specifically for emerging and mid-market online B2C and B2B businesses that need more than just a product or vendor. An integrated on-demand e-commerce platform means true Software-as-a-Service; not just hosting, not open source, and not dependent on third parties.



Critical Business Needs:

Hire a world-class Director of Product Marketing to codify and scale the technology marketing of Kalio.

Accelerate-IT Service Modules:

  • Strategic Staffing

Accelerate-IT Differentiation:

Disruptive Value Proposition = Accelerate-IT’s comprehensive knowledge of how to scale operational technology businesses puts us in a unique position to better comprehend and develop staffing profiles. We formed strong collaboration with the hiring to allow him to see how we could help him with this hire and other areas of his business.

Why Accelerate-IT Won:

Our lead recruiter has filled this exact position dozens of times and even worked extensively in the e-commerce sector. We successfully positioned the strength of our ‘Entrepreneurial Accelerator Network’ to leverage known/trusted/proven talent.