BirdDog is a service of Industry People Group, Inc., a company with a rich 14 year history of providing specialty job boards and technology-based recruiting solutions to specialized Industries like Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing. We’re agile, dedicated, and focused on becoming the next “big thing” in the business of hunting and tracking talent in specialized industries. Bird Dog is primarily a technology marketing and sales organization that provides technology solutions that revolutionize the way construction, service and engineering firms go about their hunting and tracking of talent. We provide the technology and professional expertise to free up human resources, reduce paperwork, and mitigate risk.


Applicant Tracking Software (SaaS)

Critical Business Needs:

Bring in a new company leader to architect and execute a plan to scale BirdDog to the upper echelon of the ATS sector, positioning it for a compelling exit.

Accelerate-IT Service Modules:

  • Strategic Staffing

Accelerate-IT Differentiation:

Disruptive Value Proposition = Unlike traditional staffing firms we understand how to build software companies from the inside out. Our ability to comprehend and distill the critical facets of the desired candidate and the speed at which we executed ultimately won over the founder.

Why Accelerate-IT Won:

We developed a great relationship with the lead VC, DeWaay Ventures, and brought them into our ‘Investment Partner Network’ which motivated them to champion Accelerate-IT for this project.