Blogging and Thought Leadership

There’s one more benefit of blogging I haven’t touched on in my previous posts. While I’ve discussed your business blog’s capacity to convert, its ability to engage your readers and pointed out that businesses that blog are more likely to attract customers, I haven’t yet touched on the concept of thought leadership.

Sometimes thought leadership can be a tricky concept to wrap your head around. More than just market prominence, thought leadership involves creating trust with your audience. When certain companies release press releases, blog articles and premium content, we listen because we understand that they have in-depth knowledge and an acute understanding of the subjects they’re writing about.

Establishing thought leadership should begin with a little soul searching. You’ll need to take a long, hard look at your company and really understand what it is that you do best. What are you an expert in? That is the subject you need to be blogging about because it gives your audience a chance to see that your company has depth and a deep understanding of your space.

Once you understand your core competency, use your blog to showcase your expertise on that subject. By providing perceptible evidence of your industry knowledge into your blog posts, you’ll create a clear distinction between your company and the competition.

The concept of establishing thought leadership might seem alien to entrepreneurs that typical focus on bottom line profits, but it can be a great tool in driving brand recognition and your blog is an amazing platform to show it off. For more blogging tips, check out our latest eBook: “An Introduction to Business Blogging.” And for businesses looking to outsource their blog, Accelerate-IT’s Integrated Marketing Services continues to offer high-quality content for your blog. We also specialize in premium content, website copy, videos, social media, email content and much more. If you’d like to find out what IMS can do for you, contact us at 866.611.4652 or email to begin accelerating your marketing today.


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