Be S.M.A.R.T – 5 Tips To Smarter Emailing

144.8 billion emails are sent each day. With 89 billion of those being business related, the concept of smart emailing becomes even more important. In the short time that it takes you to read this blog, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a few more in your inbox and just as many to send out. How do you make the most out of those emails? Whether your audience is an investor, a partner or a prospect, consider these tips to effectively be a smarter emailer.

It pays to be SMART.

Subject lines matter

When it comes to a subject line, always keep your objective in mind. You think through your tweets and status updates for social, why not apply the same thought process to a subject line of an email. If your interest would not be piqued by the email headline that you’re typing, then why would someone else’s? Keeping it concise and focused not only increase the chance of your email getting opened but it also makes referencing the conversation down the road that much easier.

Make it short & to the point

This is not a short story. I know, I know, sometimes there’s a lot of information that you need to explain but while details help to give a background, remember that less is more. Avoid rambling and highlight only the important points that you are trying to convey.

Always pay attention

Hit “Reply All” by accident? Forgot an attachment? We’ve all been there. Take your time and make sure that what you are sending not only has a purpose but accomplishes everything to you were intending it to. It never hurts to give it one last look. Those on the email will thank you.

Rushing makes it feel…rushed

You’re busy, but rushing often leads to mistakes. Typos, wrong recipient, all these things can be avoided by slowing down. If one extra minute is the difference between coming off as unprofessional and not, I’d say it’s worth it.

Timing is key

Thanks to smartphones and their ability to facilitate instant gratification, long gone are the days of being surprised when receiving an email after business hours. Despite always being plugged in, timing still matters. Consider what you are trying to achieve with your email and determine whether sending on a Friday afternoon as opposed to a Monday morning would be best.



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