An Introduction to Business Blogging

With the release of our latest eBook, entitled, “An Introduction to Business Blogging,” today I’d like to focus on content creation for your blog.

It’s no surprise to those in the industry that business blogging can have some pretty astounding results on customer conversion. According to a Hubspot survey, companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than those that don’t, and 71% of consumers say that a blog directly affects their purchasing decisions.

So we can all agree blogging is important, but where do you get the content?

When you’re just starting out, this can be the biggest headache of blogging. Fortunately it’s a lot easier to get started than you think, because you most likely already have content. Even if your company is brand new at content creation and don’t have any existing pieces such as white papers, case studies or infographics, you still have every communication sent by your team members internally.

It pays to do a thorough audit of internal communications as, many times, you can take something that may have been published internally, remove some of the private or esoteric information, and transform it into a helpful, interesting blog post. You’ll often find when repacking internal communications, that they not only help to enlighten others about the goals and process of your business, but also showcase the brand and the organization in a very personal way. Great content can highlight the inner workings of an organization and what better way to do that than with repackaged internal content?

And your internal resources don’t stop there. Another great source of information and ideas are the people who serve as your business’ primary sources of communication with the outside world. These people, whether they’re in customer service or sales, have a good understanding of the type of information your customers want. Try giving them a pad of paper and asking them to write down all the questions they normally get asked. You’ll find that that list will become a great basis for your blogging.

So, while getting started with content creation can seem like a giant headache at first, a quick internal sweep might reveal a lot more potential content than you thought you had. Of course, if you’re still at a loss for first-rate, engaging content, IMS is a full-service, inbound agency. We specialize in blogging, premium content, website copy, videos, social media, email content and much more. If you’d like to find out what IMS can do for you, contact us at 866.611.4652 or email to begin accelerating your marketing today.





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