Video of the Week #AlexTheIntern

The Best Video Accelerate-IT’s Intern Found on the Internet this Week.


Name: Alex Arthur
Role at Accelerate-IT: Intern
Hashtag: #AlexTheIntern
Titillating Fact: “Alex the Intern” is passionate about backpacks. In fact so passionate he’s building one. Take a regular backpack, add an LED panel on the back that is triggered by ambient noise to produce magnificent light shows, and you’re on the same page. Accelerate-IT takes no responsibility for the seizures that will ensue. Keep rocking #AlexTheIntern.

Video of the Week

With the Roominator™, you can ride a rickshaw, steal an iPad, and deliver a baby all while participating in a seamless video conference with your colleagues in Japan. #roominator



  1. Alex Arthur says:

    Be sure to follow our twitter! @TheAccelerateIT

  2. hahaha, great choice Alex! Can’t wait to see what you select next week.

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