5 Tips to Perfect Your Startup Pitch


It’s the era of the entrepreneur. When so many have aspirations of starting up, how do you stand out to investors?

Do your research – to make a lasting impression, you’ll want to understand what is expected of you and pitch appropriately. Follow these tips to make sure your presentation lines up with what investors want to hear.

You’ll need a great idea.

Experienced investors have seen it all, and won’t be blindfolded by sales tactics. Establish a great business plan and the fundraising will follow. Make it compelling – infuse passion into your delivery by telling the story about how you got started.

Don’t duck the basics.

The goal in an investor pitch is to build trust – conveying that your team, product and approach are the best there is. Excluding details you know investors want to hear paints you disreputable.

A great way to build trust is by thoroughly explaining the competitive landscape. In fact, spend the majority of your presentation going over competitive details. Narrowly identify your competitive advantage and make it clear.

Be an entertainer.

Be passionate, be convincing, be relatable. Instead of simply explaining the need for your product, illustrate it. Do what you can to engage your audience and encourage feedback.

Take an honest and thoughtful approach.

Again, you’re looking to build investors’ trust. Be transparent and take time answering questions. Communicate your thoughtfulness implicitly by knowing your audience. Why would this investor be a good match for your company?

Do your research.

Prepare yourself to the best of your ability.Thoroughly understand the key drivers in your business, your largest customers and your team’s primary focuses. Samir Housri, principal at Rho Ventures puts it best,

“If you have good, well thought-out answers to our questions, it makes us believe you’ll also have them for your customers and employees”.


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